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Booster Sets


Allan Aqua booster sets utilise both vertical and horizontal multistage pumps controlled by its own in-house designed pump control units.

Providing systems for projects ranging from a small residential property up to a large scale residential, commercial or industrial site frequently requires a unique solution. Allan Aqua booster sets are designed specifically to meet the requirements of each individual project, ensuring optimum performance and reliability.

Pump Options

Booster sets typically feature one to six fixed or variable speed vertical or horizontal multistage pumps. Allan Aqua can specify and select any manufacturers pumps and we will work with you to ensure the most appropriate pumps are selected for your project.

Larger pump sets often benefit from the inclusion of a ‘Jockey Pump’ this is a unique feature of Allan Aqua booster sets and offers a more efficient solution particularly in office blocks, hotels and large residential developments where the flow rates required throughout a typical day can vary immensely. The inclusion of a smaller ‘Jockey Pump’ in the design will stop high capacity pumps being used at low flow rates which will lead to heat build-up in the water and possible pump failure.

Advanced Pump Control System

It is essential to have an effective, responsive and reliable control system. All Allan Aqua booster set systems utilise the next generation pump control units which was designed and developed in-house by Allan Aqua electronics experts.

Water Tanks

All Allan Aqua booster sets can be specified with or without water break tank assemblies.