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CAT 5 Booster Sets


CAT5 EPS BoosterAllan Aqua single and twin pump CAT5 booster sets are designed to provide back flow protection for fluid Category 5 high risk applications.

Contaminated fluids represent a serious health risk due to the concentration of pathogenic organisms or highly toxic or radioactive substances present within them.

CAT5 Booster Sets

Allan Aqua CAT5 standard booster sets incorporate single or twin pump sets with an integrated break tank complete with an AB air gap to Water regulations 1999 and are BS EN 13077 2008 and WRAS compliant.

Booster ResizeYou can rest assured all our products within this range offer the highest safety standards. The inlet connection on our CAT5 booster sets is made to the mains water supply, whilst the outlet is connected to the category 5 application, the AB air gap between the inlet and outlet ensures that contaminated water cannot flow back or syphon into the mains water supply.

Typical Category 5 Applications include:

  • Laboratories
  • Stables and kennels
  • Bin stores wash down equipment