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WRAS Approved Booster Sets

 16th Feb 2017

Allan Aqua Systems gain WRAS Approval for core range of booster sets

Allan Aqua is one of the UK’s leading specialists in the design, manufacture, commissioning and maintenance of bespoke packaged pump systems. Quality and water boosting performance are at the heart of our packaged pump systems and as such it is important that the systems we specify are WRAS Approved.

Ian Burke, Managing Director of Allan Aqua Systems, said: “We are delighted to announce that our bespoke booster sets are now WRAS Approved. We are excited by this accreditation, which gives further credibility to the quality of systems we design and install and demonstrates full compliance with the regulations and byelaws of UK water suppliers.”

The use of stainless steel and copper components in the construction of the Allan Aqua pump sets, featuring one, two or three pumps contributes to their durability and quality. Allan Aqua always specify and supply WRAS Approved water storage tanks for use with our WRAS Approved booster sets and the certification covers a variety of manufacturers pumps as specified within our packaged systems.

Our extensive range of bespoke boosting sets can incorporate horizontally or vertically mounted pumps and can be installed within an outdoor kiosk, plant room or one of our unique AquaPod subterranean plant rooms. This makes them suitable for every application, including residential, commercial and industrial water boosting projects, supplying a constant and reliable pressurised water supply.

WRAS on application

WRAS Approval means products have been assessed to comply with UK water supply regulations, making it the most efficient and cost effective way to demonstrate that a product specified within your project meets regulation requirements.

Booster sets featuring four, five or six pumps can be added to the approval certificate on demand to meet the requirements of larger installations.

We work closely with consultants, architects and design & build engineers ensuring that our packaged pump systems are designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards delivering the most efficient, cost effective, low maintenance and reliable solution for our clients.

WRAS Approved


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